The Iron Range has its origins in the Great Northwoods of Minnesota. In the late 1800’s the land was known for its rich wildlife and timber.  However, by the early 1900’s Iron Ore was discovered, and with this discovery came opportunity and development.


Immigrants from over 43 countries made their homes in Northern Minnesota in the early 1900’s, often working for the mines in an effort to improve their lives and the lives of their families.


Many of these immigrants came from Italy and laid the foundations for the generations of Italians that make up the Trentini Tirolesi Club today.   The most notable progenitors were the founders of the Societa di Mutuo Soccorso Tirolese de Chisholm, who established  their club in 1913.  Though disbanded in 1950, the roots of the club remained until a group of their descendants and other descendants of Trentino established a new club in 1995.


This club, which thrives today, consists of over 110 members with ties to all regions of the province of Trento.  Some notable regions that our ancestors called home are Valle Lagarina, Val di Ledro, Valli Guidicarie, Val di Cembra, Val di Chiese, Val di Non, Val di Sole, and Val d’Adige.


We hold dear to our heritage, because we firmly believe that embracing our past enlivens our present and leads us to a wonderful future.

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