A significant part of embracing our heritage is recognizing those who have gone before us in this world.  We at Trentini Tirolesi del Minnesota have made this webpage in an effort to remember those club members who are no longer with us.

















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LoRetta Seppi 1936-2013: The eulogy for LoRetta can be found here.

Mary Seppi 1910-2012: Born February 28, 1910 in Lavis, Italy to Enrico J. and Erminia N. (Frasnelli) Banal. Mary emigrated from Italy to Ellis Island and then on to Ohio in 1914, and was been a Buhl, Minnesota resident since 1917.

David White 1947-2011:

Wes Paschke 1940-2010:

Rita Perry 1939-2010:

Kristin Seppi Tomandl 1968-2010:

Art Maturi 1918-2009:

Joseph Franzinelli: 1919-2008:  Joe was born January 1, 1919 in North Hibbing. You can read more about his life here.

Ernest F. Erspamer 1914-2007: He was born July 23, 1914 in Chisholm to Ernest A. and Elvira D. Borzaga Erspamer. He was a 1932 graduate of Chisholm High School and was a lifelong Chisholm resident.

Vincent Gentilini 1921-2005: He was born May 18, 1921, in Mastriago, Trentino, Italy, to Peter and Maria Brusacoram Gentilini. He immigrated to Chisholm from Italy at the age of 8.